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The Solutions To Prostatic Hyperplasia
Aug 23, 2017

The solutions to prostatic hyperplasia

Prostatic hyperplasia can be easily found in older people with symptoms such as frequent urination, urgent urination, blood urine and difficulty with urination, which can have a great impact on patients' life. The cause of prostatic hyperplasia disease is more complicated, do not pay attention to diet, frequent sexual life, suppresses the urine, sitting, constipation, lack of exercise all can cause this disease. What are the solutions to prostatic hyperplasia?


(1)    Treatment by drug

Because the location of the prostate enlargement is a special and physiological structure is more complex, so it is must be attention and caution using medicine, it must play the best treatment effect, and side effect is to reduce to a minimum, try to maximize the drug function.


(2)    Nonsurgical treatment

The conditions are suitable for this treatment such as the gentle symptom, and urinary tract infections is not serious, obstruction is lighter, or the patients' physical quality is lower, frail patients with cardiopulmonary insufficiency or excessive stress can't be huge. The treatment can take the patients to the best condition.

(3)     Surgical treatment

This approach to patients with prostate enlargement of the prostate is prostatectomy and a way of conservative treatment, it can removed the bilateral orchiectomy, so don't consider the use of this treatment, this way is also hard to accept.

(4)    The cryotherapy

This present utilization rate of this treatment is low, because this kind of treatment required is higher, the width and depth of cryotherapy must be well controlled, it is not so easy to control good, and it can lead to bleeding or incontinence, so it use less in clinical application.

(5)    Microwave and radiofrequency treatment

After microwave and radiofrequency treatment have been used, the coagulation necrosis has been lost and the prostate enlargement is achieved.

Method for the treatment of prostate enlargement is actually very much, and various treatment methods have their own advantages, what kind of treatment to choose you must accord to the situation of yourself, and listen to the doctor's professional opinion, persistent treatment, and recover as soon as possible.