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The Third Stop Of The Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Health Care Thailand Walk Into Pattaya
Aug 25, 2017

The third stop of the traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) health care Thailand walk into Pattaya

The third stop of the TCM health care Thailand visit came to Pattaya, the famous seaside resort. 12 local doctors practicing, acupuncture, cupping, massage, prescribe, also they intend to targeted therapies for different patients, more than 200 Thai people to experience the charm of Chinese medicine. This event is hosted by the Confucius institute of the eastern university of Thailand, the association of Chinese doctors of Thailand, and the Confucius classroom in Pattaya, which is organized by the Wenzhou chamber of commerce in Thailand and Ming Man Shan Tang of Pattaya.

Mr Breton take his Russian wife who is troubled with ache to see a doctor taking the hot sun, he and his wife are first exposure to Chinese medicine. They are concerned to see silver needle, cupping, but also think these treatments are very novel. After observing the scene after the treatment response of the other, the Russian woman finally summon up courage, after a doctor diagnosis, she try acupuncture treatment for the first time in his life, and have gained good curative effect. She told Mr. Breton that acupuncture is not a terrible thing, and that there will be a chance to seek for treatment in Chinese medicine.

Huang Fengyuan, a sophomore majoring in Chinese medicine in China, used her holidays to follow her father, a Chinese physician, to participate in the mission. She said in her father's clinic in Chachoengsao, often can encounter seeking Chinese medicine treatment of Malays, British, because of good curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine, a lot of people became "regulars" of clinic. She believes such a diagnosis can help people in Thailand who are poor, suffer from illness and have no chance to receive treatment in traditional Chinese medicine.


Legalization of TCM in Thailand for 17 years, more and more Thais in the treasure of the traditional medicine to find a new way of disease treatment and health care, the curative effect of patients with many more harvest beyond imagination. On behalf of the organiser of the event, Thailand ZhangYuLin, dean of the Confucius institute at the university of east China, said that the traditional Chinese medicine is bearing the weight of the experience of the Chinese people's struggle against disease and the theory of knowledge, to become an indispensable content in many Chinese people life. He hope that more and more people in the future can understand and experience traditional Chinese medicine through the platform " traditional Chinese medicine health care walk into Thailand", let this precious cultural heritages can serve more Thai people.