• Orthopedics


    This product has preventive, health care and convalescence functions for pain, swelling and numbness from hyperosteogeny, spur, cervical and lumbar diseases, rheumatic arthritis, omits and injuries from falls etc.

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  • Endocrinology


    Herbal treatment for diabetes will focus on regulating the circulation of Blood and Qi and balancing the organ systems to improve pancreatic function and address internal heat and the depletion of fluids.

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  • Urology


    ZB prostatic navel plaster are truly a medicine from the future, because when compared to pills, ointments and creams which are commonly used today, they have a whole bunch of advantages. They deliver healing substances into the body through the skin (trans – through, derma – skin) without going into the digestive tract.

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  • Gynecology


    These tampons are manufactured for the purpose of treatment and as a preventive measure for the gynecological disease such as Abnormal vaginal discharge, vagina itching, irregular menstruation, Menstrual pain, Endometritis, cervical erosion, Melasma, uterine disease and so on. The ingredients of the tampon is 100% herbs and no side effect.

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  • Dermatology


    The products help solving the skin problems,make you a better life.

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  • ENT


    The products care for your five sense organs.

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  • Breast Health

    Breast Health

    These products help your breasts to be more beautiful and healthy

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  • Anorectal


    These products help you get a better life

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  • Chinese Hebal Health Tea

    Chinese Hebal Health Tea

    Chinese herbal health tea makes your daily life fresh and better

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  • Vasculocardiology


    We are a professional manufacture to produce natural and herbal products in China. The KangXin Products help reducing blood pressure,cleaning blood and softening blood vessel.

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  • Sexual Health

    Sexual Health

    Our products care for women and men sexual health

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  • Weight Loss

    Weight Loss

    These products can help you to be slim and beautiful. Traditional diet pills may have the side effects, but the products are healthy, you can use them safely.

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